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Tool Repair

The Tool Repair program is in it's second year of operation. It is part of a larger initiative that has been created in partnership with the Appalachian Challenge Academy.

Christ's Hands is investing in the cadets, who in order to complete their program need 40 hours of community service. We provide that opportunity while more importantly using this time to share the Gospel of Christ with each cadet while we work with them. Secondly, the program is designed to teach basic electric repair knowledge that we believe can be a life skill that will benefit each cadet in their future. 

Currently their is a couple working with 15 different girls every Saturday during the Academy's two semesters a year. We are still looking for couples and/or women who would be willing to disciple young women and invest in their lives through this ministry.

Last semester we saw success with this program. Most of the tools SWAP needed repaired were fixed, eight girls were taught basic electric repair, and most importantly they we mentored and loved while here. Through this ministry, four females and three males prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

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